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SPARC Workshop on Brewer-Dobson Circulation

Grindelwald, Switzerland
24-29 June 2012



  • M. Wallace (invited) - Overview: Observations
  • A. Plumb (invited) - Overview: Theory

Dynamical driving mechanisms of the BDC

  • E. Gerber (invited talk) - Mechanisms driving the BDC: The perspective from idealized model
  • R. Scott - Constraints on the distribution of extra-tropical wave driving of the BDC
  • S. Yoden - Seasonality of the QBO Influence on the global circulation
  • E. Becker - Tracer transport and age of air in a mechanistic spectral GCM

Dynamical driving mechanisms of the BDC continued

  • M. J. Alexander (invited talk) - Gravity waves and the Brewer-Dobson circulation
  • K. Sato - The driving mechanism of the residual circulation from a gravity-wave resolving GCM
  • S. Fueglistaler - Coupling of dynamics, ozone and temperatures in the lower stratosphere
  • C. Claud - Stratospheric temperatures during wintertime based on multiple datasets

Other drivers


  • M. Fujiwara (invited talk)- SPARC Reanalysis/Analysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP)
  • K. Okamoto - TEM analysis and comparison on the BDC using reanalysis data sets
  • W. Seviour - The Brewer-Dobson circulation inferred from ERA-Interim
  • T. Iwasaki - Some characteristics of Brewer-Dobson Circulations in Reanalyses

Transport and mixing

  • P. Haynes (invited talk) - Transport and mixing in the BDC
  • P. Hoor - Stratospheric transport times from CO2 and N2O
  • D. Demirhan Bari - Zonal asymmetries in transport and mixing in the BDC
  • J. Gille - Descent and mixing in the northern hemisphere Brewer-Dobson circulation

BDC and tracers

Downwelling branch of the BDC

Drivers of tropical upwelling

Tropical upwelling

BDC trends: Models and mechanisms

Age of air / observations

  • H. Boenisch and A. Engel (invited talk) - Characterization of the BDC from chemical observations
  • T. von Clarmann - MIPAS climatologies of long-lived trace gases
  • J. Urban - Satellite data for the assessment of middle atmosphere transport
  • G. P. Stiller - Observed evolution of global mean age of stratospheric air for the 2002 to 2010 period
  • R. Garcia (invited talk) - Inferring age of air from chemical observations
  • T. Reddmann - Mean Age of Air and the atmospheric lifetime of SF6
  • M. Diallo - Age of stratospheric air in the ERA-Interim
  • E. Ray - Using trace gas observations and simple modelling to examine age of air variability

Changes in transport

BDC and the tropopause

Climatic change and the BDC

BDC and water vapour

  • S. Lossow - HDO and δD in the upper troposphere and stratosphere derived from Envisat / MIPAS
  • S. Liu - Large-scale temperature and circulation as seen in the tape recorder and trajectories
  • M. Jucker - Brewer-Dobson circulation and stratospheric water vapour in an idealized GCM
  • T. K. Mandal - Dry phase of lower stratospheric water vapour seasonal cycle





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