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GCM Reality Intercomparison Project for SPARC

The GCM Reality Project for SPARC (GRIPS) was initiated to examine model simulations of the coupled troposphere-middle atmosphere system. First results were published in Pawson et al. (2000). Further details and references regarding GRIPS can be found here. Questions regarding the project should be directed to Steven Pawson.

Fourteen research groups are participating in GRIPS. The individual groups supplied monthly mean three-dimensional horizontally gridded data sets and two-dimensional zonal averages of several atmospheric variables. Monthly mean temperature and geopotential height (or in one case Geopotential) are generally available as three-dimensional fields. The two-dimensional data sets contain between 2 and 22 variables. Temperature and the zonal wind component are generally found in each set. The data sets can be downloaded from the SPARC-DC either as binary files with GrADS ctl-file description or in NetCDF with the COARDS convention. The original owner of the data sets should be consulted prior to the data being used for publication.

A list of research groups, the resolution of their models, and their variables is given below. Data are available on the ftp server at /sparc/grips/

 Horizontally Gridded Data

CMAMCanadaT. G. Shepherd6432241202TPhi
CNRMFranceP. Simon643292402Tz
FUBGermanyU. Langematz6432131202Tz
GFDLUSAK. P. Hamilton10060241442Tz
GISSUSAD. Rind7246111202Tz
GSFCUSAL. Coy144915602Tz
LARCUSAW. R. Grose1286424482Tz
MPI-HHGermanyE. Manzini9648261204Tzuv
MRI-LRFJapanK. Shibata6432241202Tz
MRI-CLIMJapanA. Kitoh724621201z
NCARUSAB. A. Boville646421602Tz
UCLAUSAC. R. Mechoso724410122Tz
UKMOUKR. Swinbank363722602Tz

 Zonally Gridded Data

CMAMCanadaT. G. Shepherd322412012uvwothers
CNRMFranceP. Simon32172402u
FUBGermanyU. Langematz32271202u
GFDLUSAK. P. Hamilton60241442u
GISSUSAD. Rind46241203uv
GSFCUSAL. Coy91296022uvothers
LARCUSAW. R. Grose6424484uvq
MPI-HHGermanyE. Manzini48261204uvz
MRI-LRFJapanK. Shibata322412018uvwothers
MRI-CLIMJapanA. Kitoh46161202u
NCARUSAB. A. Boville6421602u
NCEP/NCAR-RAUSAW. J. Randel40172075uothers
UCLAUSAC. R. Mechoso4416122u
UKMOUKR. Swinbank37256015uvwothers

T-temperature (K); z-geopotential height (m); Phi-geopotential (m2/s2); u-zonal wind component (m/s); v-meridional wind component (m/s); w-vertical wind component (m/s);lon-longitude (degrees); lat-latitude (degrees); lev-pressure levels (mb); time-time steps (months)


Pawson, S., et al. (2000), The GCM-Reality Intercomparison Project for SPARC (GRIPS): Scientific Issues and Initial Results, Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 81, 781-796, doi:10.1175/1520-0477(2000)081<0781:TGIPFS>2.3.CO;2.